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Dab Rigs - Scientific Meets Heady

BadaBing Originals incorporate the 5 scientific pipe designs from our Signature Collection.….but with a heady twist. These dab rigs are made with a higher degree of technical skill, precision and artistry and take a lot more time to decorate. This is where we unleash our arsenal of glass blowing techniques to create pipes that harmoniously combine both Scientific and Heady glass.

Dab Rigs -
Scientific Meets Heady

When it Comes to the Techniques Used to Create a BadaBing Original –
It’s Artist’s Choice!

Until we start, we never really know exactly what any heady pipe will look like. We tend to decide on colors and patterns in the moment. When your work is your passion it never ends and the perfection monsters tend to take over. Some designs unfold easily like a divine creation while others demand multiple techniques and need time to take shape. We pretty much start with a rough idea, sketch it out, then fire up the torches, turn on the music… and let our inspiration guide us. Keep in mind we are always learning new skills and evolving our techniques but here are the ones we have perfected so far and choose between when decorating a BadaBing Original.


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Remember, When They’re Gone – They’re Gone!

Each pipe takes on a life of its own, when it’s finished, we take a picture, add it to our shopping cart and pray for a good owner. One who is searching for a beautiful piece of functional glass art that nobody else has. Keep in mind, BadaBing Originals are one-of-a-kind…when they’re sold, you guessed it - they’re gone for good! If you fall in love with a dab rig in this category and come back to find it gone, you have two options: check back with us later, we are always creating new BadaBing Originals…‘who knows maybe the creative gods will tip the scale in your favor and the next rig we put up, is the another one you fall in love with?!’ (OR) you could consider customizing your own BadaBing. Find out how here.